Dave Beasley

Managing Director, Classlane Media

Dave is an experienced film director and broadcast producer who has worked for Sky, Channel 4 and the BBC. He co-founded Classlane in 1988, building an award-winning and forward-thinking visual communications agency. Classlane’s client list ranges from multi-national corporations, TV channels, and a wide range of international, national private and public companies, as well as charities, educational establishments and social enterprises.

Dave has led the company through changing times, diversifying from TV advertising to specialise in delivering high-end web video and marketing packages for the luxury leisure and brand market.  Capitalising on the company’s success he established a sister company – Pure Luxury – to cater for the luxury property market with offices in New York, Paris and Singapore.

Dave has built a team that is adept at developing the message that brands want to share with their customers and exploiting the unique opportunities offered by the web to share complex information. This approach has been instrumental in building Classlane’s global reputation. He is also a regular speaker on the power of online video.

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