David Johnson

Director, Small Changes

Originally trained as a Quantity Surveyor, David worked on major national and international construction projects including Eurodisney in Paris. He went on to focus on project management and business consultancy successfully delivering projects for a number of corporate clients and smaller companies.

Over the last 35 years David has been director of a number of small businesses, focusing on innovation and growth. Currently he is on the board of three diverse small businesses, utilising his experience to drive innovation in areas such as healthcare and sustainable housing.

He has specific experience of delivering enhanced business processes, improved operational efficiency and commissioning state of the art facilities for the food industry, this extends to manufacturing, robotics and automation.

David is increasingly interested in sustainability and the environment. While at Sheffield Hallam University he linked expertise within the University across a broad range of topics to address requirements for the public and private sector. This role involved the development and promotion of health and wellness initiatives, resource efficiency, and innovation in the built environment.

He has successfully procured substantial grant funding for innovative products and processes for a number of businesses, and project managed the projects to completion. David continues to be a a key link and advocate for University experts and students in industry initiatives.

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