Ian Stewart

Director, Urbanscape


Ian is a veteran of the games industry, establishing Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd in 1984  way back when consols were the 8 bit computers like ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. The company scored big with  ZOOL and Premier Manager in the early 1990s, and again with the first 3D football game Actua Soccer.

In 1996 Gremlin acquired DMA Design – of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings fame – Gremlin Group then floted in 1997 and two years later sold to Infogames.

Two years on, Ian founded ZOO Media Corp. He then organised a reverse takeover of an Aim listed business which is known today as ZOO Digital Group Plc and provides workflow solutions to multinational businesses. During his period as CEO, ZOO acquired two businesses and ventured back into video games. In 2006 Ian stepped down as CEO whilst buying out the video game business. Renamed Zushi Games this business closed in 2010 following a sale to a US company that failed.

Seeing an opportunity for existing owned IP’s of older games Ian has gone back to making games and updating some of the well loved brands he built in the heyday of Gremlin. Urbanscan is a developer and distributor of games focusing on the mobile and tablet market.

Ian also invests in early stage businesses, predominantly in digital content production and distribution.

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