Imran Ali

Founder, LSx Festival of Technology

Imran is a founding partner of Carbon Imagineering, a UK-based emerging technologies think tank incubating a number of technology startups as well as contributing expertise to various media properties, including Giga Om, O’Reilly Media, Corante and TechCrunch UK.

He is also Founder and chief of everything at LSx – Leeds Festival of Technology. Under this umbrella he produces a series of events, conferences, meetups and festivals – ranging from BarCamp unconferences and OpenCoffee meetups, to local editions of Girl Geek Dinners, O’Reilly’s Ignite events and TEDx events, alongside hosting speakers from Twitter, Google, Union Square Ventures and others.

Previously, Imran has been a Deputy Director of Technology Research for Orange UK, part of the advisory boards of O’Reilly’s ETel conference, Treasuremytext and the eComm 2008 conference, as as well as serving on the boards of ensembli and bmedi@.

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