Jonathan Burrows

Managing Director, Ask4

Jonathan Burrows founded Ask4, a specialist broadband service provider, in 2000 after a frustrating year working for a global technology company.  As one of 300,000 employees, he felt far removed from the action.

What drives Jonathan is developing his own technology and customer base – which he did going ‘live’ with an industry-leading 8Mb/s broadband in 2002 (this was impressive for its day).
Ask4 purchased Horizon Telecommunications in 2005. The deal gave Ask4 access to the student sector. The business now has more than 80,000 student users and it has been growing at a similar pace since, with Ask4’s business services subsidiary launching in 2009 and its own datacenter opening in 2012.

Through hard work and insightful leadership, Jonathan has developed a strong culture of innovation and vitality in Ask4, building a hugely successful group of businesses that have become significant national players in a highly competitive market.

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