Linda Cheung

Chief Executive Officer, CubeSocial

Linda has an impressive track record in devising innovative software and business solutions that deliver benefits worth millions of pounds in the toughest of markets.

She co-founded CubeSocial in 2011 with fellow blue-chip escapee Mark Bower after asking the business community what it needed most. The answer: “new ways to win new business”. Their response: CubeSocial an award winning software development and consultancy company all about winning business through social media.

Responding to CubeSocial users’ requests and the services sector trend towards smaller, more targeted pieces of work Linda founded her second start-up in 2013:  HonestyBoxx.

A recognised thought leader on the topic of social media for business and frequent speaker at conferences and events, Linda’s highly acclaimed presentations provide a rare business perspective on social media that frequently see her called back for repeat deliveries. Linda’s 13-year career in highly regulated markets with an uncompromising emphasis on financial ROI, gives her a unique drive for tangible results and solutions that really work, whilst avoiding the hype often associated with social media.

A former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, Linda was promoted to a Chief Operating Officer role at 32 after making her mark as a key player in the launch of the company’s first ever credit card.

Linda was awarded a CIMA Fellowship in 2003 and was a judge for the CIMA Annual Awards 2010. She champions entrepreneurship as a contributor to: the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; regional initiatives such as Enterprising Barnsley and Basingstoke Business Leaders Forum; and international initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship Week.




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