Salim Virani

Founder, Leancamp & Founder-Centric

Salim Virani is the founder of Leancamp, a Lean Startup event that creates faster ways to market traction, and Founder-Centric, which helps founders and accelerators make quicker progress using Lean Startup and business model innovation techniques.

Leancamp made the early connections between Lean Startup, User Experience and business model design, and is becoming a global community. Founder-Centric has helped over a dozen accelerators and universities, and over 1,000 startup founders, by translating the latest entrepreneurial approaches into highly-practical and immediate tools for founders.

Salim draws on experience founding 5 tech startups, and the digital media arm of a major direct marketing agency. Salim has also taught at University College London’s successful MSc Technology Entrepreneurship program.

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