Tim Nash

Technical Director, Coding Futures

An engineer by trade Tim is fondly referred to by his friends as the ’stuff consultant’ due to his broad interests in online systems. An occasional university lecturer, he works as Technical Director of Coding Futures, a company specialising in building payment solutions for businesses and NGOs. He manages the day to day technical projects ranging from commercial WordPress plugin development to building solutions for scaling web servers based on mathematics used for predicting Tsunamis. With clients in over 40 countries and ranging from small one man bands to UN agencies he probably knows far more than anyone should on international accounting, payment solutions and data protection laws.

Tim refers to himself as a Geek and Hacker and can be regularly found at BarCamps and HackDays around the UK and abroad as a judge, mentor but often enough as a participant. Tim tries to make complex topics interesting, easy to understand and entertaining. As a speaker he discusses topics such as data mining, payment systems, security and information retrieval. If you want to have nightmares sit down with him and have a chat about online security and if you wish to be bored to death ask him about PCI compliance.

Tim is the person to talk to if you want to take money online for your service or product.

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